September 2016


I want to be Happier, More Joyous, More Content, & More Satisfied?

September 4
th 2016


Have you ever left church, a birthday party, a development conference, summer camp, or another celebratory event feeling energized, enthusiastic, and awe-inspired? Ever wonder why??? Or, Better Still, HOW? Well, here's the answer: STATE.

Not the State of Georgia, but your STATE of Mind. And, you can have that same STATE (i.e., feeling + thinking) every minute of every single day of every week of every month of every single year,
IF you truly want to In fact, IF you Don't have that feeling most of the time, then something is WRONG (Very Wrong)!


In much the same way that life is a journey, not a destination, Happiness, Joy, Contentment, and Satisfaction are processes & states, not final destinations. Your happiness, contentment and satisfaction are the sum total of your being at any particular point in time. And, everything that you do, hear, say, watch, view, and experience has an absolute net and gross effect on them. Furthermore, this includes not just things that others do or say to you, but it also includes the things that "YOU" think, do, and/or say. Because, when you think, do, and say things, you're not just thinking, saying, and doing those things to others—you're also thinking, doing, and saying them to YOURSELF! You can read more about that particular topic in my other article, "What is the Impact of my Language, Speech, and Thinking on my Personal and Professional Success (or, lack thereof)?"


As a physician hypnotherapist, psychoanalyst, and NLP practitioner (in the spirit of Dr. Sigmund Freud & Dr. Milton Erickson, the father of psychiatry and the father of NLP, respectively), I help to uncover, examine, distinguish, and eliminate unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that limit the potential of my patients.
I don't think that it's by accident that two of the greatest psychiatrists in history embraced psychoanalysis, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and non-pharmacologic means of helping their patients. I think that their academic and clinical explorations led them down these pathways because they realized (at some point in their training or practice) that the mind, the brain, and the nervous system are more powerful than any pill could ever be. Furthermore, I believe that they both had a realization that we don't fully understand all of the consequences of taking pharmaceutical agents (i.e., psychotropics).


So, What allows for Happiness, Joy, Satisfaction, & Contentment at any given moment? Your "Internal Alignment" is what allows you to be happy, satisfied, and content at any particular point in time and space. Alignment implies "Balance" between all of your parts and systems (Software & Hardware). Yes, You have Hardware & Software—Which computer systems are modeled after Balance requires "Co-operativity." Without co-operativity, balance is elusive, and alignment is a mystery. So, how do we achieve "Internal Co-operativity?" Well, first we have to discover what programs we have running in our unconscious mind.


Then, we have to alter or eliminate the programs that won't promote the level of co-operativity that allows us to manifest our highest desires. So, you might ask, what are these programs [i.e., memes, etc.] that are running around in the background (of our unconscious minds) that won't cooperate with our highest goals? That's an excellent question! Thanks for asking it The answer is "Everything that you've ever needed at any particular point in time." And, YES, this is the part of the story where you get to choose between the Red Pill (to see how far the rabbit hole goes, and to discover the higher you) and the Blue Pill (to wake up in the same mindset that you did yesterday, believing whatever you choose to believe [or, rather, what you've been programmed to believe]). And, No, the references to the Movie "The Matrix" are not accidental. They are most certainly being made with and on purpose In order to manifest your highest destiny, you have to dig through the darkest depths of your mind: Your Unconscious. Pills won't do it for you, and neither will just talking about it consciously


To make this a bit easier to digest, I'll start using a common set of analogies. I don't know what type of computing devices you use, but I tend to be an embracer of Apple/Macintosh products (I have an iPhone 6, a MacBook Pro Laptop, and a host of old Mac Laptops that still run rather well). One of the reasons why I'm a mac user is because Mac's are intuitive—that is, they predict and sense what you're planning on doing next, what you could possibly do next, and what other associated steps you might take among a group of possible actions. In short, they are intuitive, and predictive; they're, in a phrase, "Plug and Play." In fact, along with Xerox, Apple was one of the 1st companies to develop plug and play computers.

Pasted Graphic

"Plug and Play" means that I can attach an amazing number of products to my Mac laptop, and instead of my needing to insert an installation disc and go through a formal installation process to tell my computer how to communicate with the new device, my laptop will sense that a new device (printer, USB keyboard, Apple TV, External Hard Disc Drive, Blue ray player, Projector, &/or Monitor from almost any modern manufacturer) has been connected to it, it will determine what that device is and what it's supposed to do, then it will download and install the appropriate software (code, codecs, etc.) that will allow it to operate (i.e., successfully communicate with) that particular peripheral. In this sense, it's "Plug & Play" because all that I have to do is plug in the device, and my laptop's operating system does the rest in order to allow me to use it (i.e., play, or to be productive). In effect, it senses a need and fulfills that need via adaptation and evolution. Well, it just so happens that our brains and nervous systems operate in the same way. In fact, our brains do it even better than does a computer. After all, computers were modeled after how the mind works; based on Logic.


Most people don't realize that when we are born, the instruction sets for all of our organs and physiology are present, yet many of the parts and software (nerve cells, nerve bundles, ganglia [nerve networks], brain chemistry [neurotransmitters], etc.) haven't been built by the body yet. This includes major portions of our peripheral nervous system (the parts of your nervous system that lie outside of the periphery of your brain and spinal cord—which together comprise the central nervous system), including the nerves and nerve sets that allow for us to make complex movements that facilitate us to walk, manipulate a knife & fork, chew up food, read a book, drive a car, operate a computer, multi-task (walk and chew gum at the same time), and complete billions of other actions that we take for granted on a daily basis.


For instance, when a baby starts to move, its brain realizes that it needs additional neurons and nerve cells in order to move about accurately, precisely, productively, and proficiently. So, with each movement, the brain senses the infant's nervous system's need to start building the railroad tracks (nerve cells) within the limbs (along with the control switches within the brain) to allow for complex movement. Then, it uses its DNA to build them. They aren't already there, in case you were wondering Consequently, the brain does the same thing to allow babies, infants, and toddles to learn to eat, talk, stack blocks, play with toys, watch and understand television, learn to ride a bike, dance, understand language, and think. As soon as the brain senses the need for something, it begins creating and building it (manifesting it, based on preset instructions that reside within our DNA). That's Plug & Play at it's FINEST!


Normally, this all happens on an unconscious level, and all of this is a GOOD thing, right? It allows us to grow, mature, adapt, evolve, and thrive in an ever-changing environment. As we are introduced to novel environments, objects, and circumstances, our DNA and "Plug & Play" operating systems create the hardware and software (simultaneously, and congruently) to allow us to interact with those environments, objects, and circumstances in useful, specific ways. It's an Incredibly Intricate and Brilliant System, all based in the code stored in our Individual DNA. And, That's all fine & dandy when the environments, objects, and circumstances are positive ones, in a perfect world, right? But, what about when they aren't so positive (in a NOT SO PERFECT World)??? What about when we hear or experience negativity, disappointment, chastisement, fear, rejection, hurt, and cruelty? What then?


Well, fortunately, and, in many cases, UNFORTUNATELY, our minds, brains, DNA (i.e., Operating Systems) do the same thing that they do when they are confronted with positive ones—they create the hardware and software needed to interact with these negative environments, objects, and circumstances. Even further unfortunately, much of the software and hardware created in reaction to these negative circumstances is only compatible with other negative circumstances; Not with positive ones
Too many negative circumstances during growth and development (the brain continues to mature & evolve [i.e., build neural networks] until roughly the age of around 35, BTW) means that a lot of software and hardware are built (and, build up like kitchen trash) to deal with negative circumstances, not positive ones. And, herein lies the problem.


You can't realize your positive goals, ambitions, and prosperity while all of these negative programs are running in the background. They, similar to tumors and cancers, will totally consume all of the energy (blood flow, neurotransmitters, metabolic pathways, etc.) that is needed for you to run the positive programs that you've created. In the end, you'll continue to create negative patterns and oscillate between inaction and stagnation. And, you won't be able to figure out why you can't seem to get where you want to be Others (including many trained professionals) will tell you that it's because you aren't working hard enough, or because you're not motivated enough, or because you're not focused enough, or because you don't want it bad enough None of that is true.


The truth is, you have unhealthy software and hardware running in the background of your mind that, while possibly being partially adaptive when it was created, is no longer compatible with where you are now and is completely incompatible with where you want to go (your prosperity). Your attempt to reach your highest potential in the present with all of this negative software from your past running in the background is akin to trying to install Microsoft Office 2016 & QuickBooks 2016 software products on a computer that has IBM PC hardware from 1995 running the Windows 95 operating system. It just won't work. That's why most individuals struggle to change what hasn't been working for them


In short, what you need is Internal System Maintenance and a System Software Update [and, quite possibly, a newer operating system—one that is more compatible with the world that we live in today]! You need to get rid of the negative neural networks and build new, positive neural networks. However, unfortunately, unlike Microsoft Windows 10 and MacOS operating systems, historically, there have been no Software Update and System Maintenance buttons for the human mind That is, until now. And, that's where Hypnotherapy and NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] come in.


Hypnotherapy & NLP allow us to connect with the unconscious mind in a way that we can eliminate &/or patch up the negative hardware and software programs that our system has created and installed over the years Specifically, Hypnotherapy and NLP allow us to use language, images, and thoughts to uninstall the software and hardware that no longer serve our highest purpose—and, to
reintegrate the positive software and hardware in a way that allows them to function articulately, precisely, accurately, cooperatively, productively, and efficiently. After this negative hardware & software are uninstalled, then your internal parts can come into full alignment. This alignment will ultimately lead to balance between all of your parts and systems. That balance will help to facilitate an environment that will allow you to create happiness, joy, satisfaction, and contentment (i.e., redirect energy to positive programs). But, first we have to discover what negative programs we have running in our unconscious mind. Then, we have to alter or eliminate the programs that won't promote the level of co-operativity that we desire.


In short, if you truly desire happiness, joy, satisfaction, and contentment in your everyday life, then you have to do some mental household cleaning. And, you don't presently have those tools (because, if you did, then you would have already manifested what you desire most, right?). IF you'd like to start the journey to prosperity and to re-creating who you were meant to be [and, hence, the STATE that fosters it], then you must get rid of all the negative junk that has filled your mental household and is sabotaging your desired trajectory. You may not realize it until it's too late, but if you're not leading the life that you want to lead, then your internal operating system is probably sitting at the blue screen of death (a mental prison that you can't see, feel, taste, hear, or smell). Don't let your past emotional scars and traumas control your life's trajectory. Think about it, there's a reason why you empty your trash every few days, right? What if you never emptied it? What would your home look, feel, and smell like? Would you want to live there? Well, that's what your mind looks like without subconscious work Choose the Red Pill. Make everyday feel as if it's Your Birthday. It's NOT too late