The Matrix: Leveraging Legacies vs. Leaving Liabilities (Sewing Seeds vs. Watering Weeds)


David A. Wright, MD, MBA, MHSA, Alternative Mental Health Physician

One of my favorite Movie Trilogies is “The Matrix” Series. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve watched them—It’s probably upwards of a couple of dozen times or so Most people believe that The Matrix is about Computers and Robots taking over. And, that’s sort of true. However, The Matrix is REALLY about “Self-Transformation.” It’s really a “Self-Improvement”, “Self-Development”, “Self-Actualization”, & a “Self-Determination” Film cloaked in Science Fiction. Although, it remains to be seen how much of it was “Fiction”—since, there is some degree of probability that many of the themes presented in the Matrix Films (Artificial Intelligence, Computers taking over, etc.) could become reality in the not-so-distant future. Interestingly enough, many events presented in science fiction films tend to become reality in about 100 years


A few of the themes presented in the “Matrix” films include the following:
(1) Artificial Intelligence (2) Automation & Modernity (3) Self Transformation (4) Self-Improvement (5) Self-Development (6) Self-Actualization (7) Self-Determination (8) Accounting—Balancing Forces & Equations (9) Cause & Effect—Action & Re-Action (10) Belief & Faith. As you can see, the themes center more on reaching your highest potential as a person than they do on computers and AI. The takeover by computers and AI is simply the impetus that brings out the transformation of the protagonists—namely The Oracle, Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo. Moreover, the obstacles, dilemmas, and challenges that confront the main characters are the stimulus that leads to their response—Transformation. In other words, these characters would NOT have had a reason to grow, adapt, mature, mutate, transform, or determine their destinies without a stimulus. Indeed, every living species present on this planet today is still here today because of its ability to be “Resilient”—that is, to flourish despite (or, perhaps, because of) the adversity to which it has been subjected. Are you “RESILIENT?” If so, to what Degree???


One of concepts presented in the films is that of
Accounting—That Life is a Mix of Equations that must be Balanced & Solved. In our daily lives, there are literally thousands of equations that we must balance and solve. Some of these equations have been previously solved, while others require novel solutions. Experience, in this regard, is a “Double-Edged Sword.” Experience allows us to learn, grow, adapt, adjust, and improve. That’s the positive side of experience. However, experience can also allow us to operate on “Automatic Pilot” based on our past processes, activities, and learning. “Auto Pilot” can be very helpful. For instance, have you ever left work after a busy day, arrived in your driveway, and had little to no memory of your actual journey home? That’s an example of working on “Auto Pilot.” Auto Pilot allows us to multi-task, preserve brain power, and get more done in less time. However, operating on Auto Pilot also means that we may miss out on opportunities. Auto Pilot doesn’t allow us to adjust in unique or mundane circumstances in a way that brings about new, improved outcomes. Auto Pilot may keep us from getting excited about everyday experiences. It may also prevent you from recognizing new opportunities to grow, network, and prosper. Unfortunately, most of the time we operate on Auto Pilot So, what does this all have to do with “The Matrix?”


In order to grow, evolve, and be transformed, Neo and his team had to
Think outside of the Box, See outside of the Circle, and Breathe outside of the Bag They had to disengage Auto Pilot and build a new set of resources, skills, and resiliencies. In order to do this, they had to find new normals and grow new neurological pathways. Although the journey required them to be temporarily vulnerable, it allowed them to grow, mature, mutate, and transform in ways that they hadn’t previously managed. Instead of wallowing in the weeds, they were able to plant seeds and reap rich rewards. The same is true for all of us. In order to grow, we have to take calculated risks. We must try strategies that we haven’t previously explored. We have to become vulnerable Those are the ONLY actions that allow us to truly become who we were meant to be!


So, I ask you, are you Leveraging Legacies for your children or are you Leaving Liabilities for them to have to fund? Are you Sewing Seeds in this Garden of Life or are you Watering Weeds in a Swamp of Stagnation? Are your Equations Balanced each day? Is your Internal Navigation System on track for Success? Are your Reaping a Significant Return on your Investments? Are you Improving, Developing, Actualizing, and Determining your Self-hood? Or, are you operating on an Automatic Pilot with no sense of Direction, Purpose, or Final Destination???


These are trying times.
The recent election of Mr. Donald Trump is enigmatic of the times in which we live, the tribulations that we must survive, and the challenges that we continue to face Are you afraid of the future of the American Dream under a Trump Presidency? If you are, then you should trust your intuition—I promise you, it’s RARELY Wrong. NOW is the Time to Invest in Yourself! You CANNOT afford NOT to!!! Call us at Medical Legal Consultants of Atlanta so that we can help you create your own Blueprint for Success, Empowerment, and Positive Transformation. The Initial Consultation is Completely, 100% FREE Don’t Mistake them, these ARE Difficult Times. However, that doesn’t mean that you have the let the Times Beat YOU!


At MLC of Greater Atlanta, we use
Natural, Holistic, 100% Medication- Free Methods to help you reach your goals, objectives, and ambitions. More Specifically, we also use Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy ®, NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming], The Sedona Method, Paraliminal & Subliminal Technologies, and Psychoanalytic Techniques to help those desiring empowerment as well as those who are suffering from psychological dilemmas or psychiatric conditions. If you have a Problem, Then we have a Solution Don’t leave liabilities for your children. Instead, impart them with a Legacy or Empowerment and Opportunity


The Future is YOURS! Seize the Day, Before it’s Too Late


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